​​BCHDC Shield & Name Banner

for your Historic Home or Building in Baldwin County

​​Baldwin County

Historic Development Commission

The Baldwin County Historic Development Commission awards historic building and site Plaques for the purpose of informing the public that the structure is an important element in the community, is of historic importance or is an example of a particular architectural style. A site of historical significance may also be awarded the Historic Plaque. These plaques also enhance the area as an attraction for visitors and tourists, thereby economically benefitting the community. The Baldwin County Historical Development Commission Plaque consists of a Shield with a Banner below it. The shield contains the Baldwin County Seal with the inscription “Baldwin County Historic Development Commission” at the top. The Banner below the shield displays the construction date of the building or historical event and the designated name. The Banner names for homes are usually the names of the first and current owners of the home. A home or building may have the name given to the structure, such as “Georgia Cottage” or “People’s Supply.” The shields and banners are placed on the perimeters of the buildings, and should be displayed with pride.